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surprise, surprise!!

When I came home yesterday a white envelope was waiting for me.

 I've been really surprised since I've not been expecting it before next week. So I am extra happy that it already arrived, especially because I got so many nail polishes some days before this is just perfect.

Now you might be wondering what's in there.
I'll show you (*^▽^*)

But first things first.
The package is from cutie Airi. She asked some days/weeks ago if anybody is interested in nail art. She had left a ton of things that she doesn't need anymore, because she thinks she sucks at it (her own words!).
So I just couldn't waste this chance and I've been the ultra lucky girl, who answered first, so she sent it to me last week ^_^

and here we go!

  a load of nail art supplies. whooho~!

Well, it really is a lot of stuff so I'll show you all the supplies I got step by step (^▽^)

Let's begin with the 3D molds:

I have to be honest. I have no clue how to use them, but I'm pretty sure that I'll find some tutorials far far away in the interwebs (^▽^)

1 wheel containing different colored rhinestone hearts
3 wheels containing pearls
1 wheel containing small silver and golden beads

The third wheel with pearls has been a surprise since it wasn't listed in her blogpost. So THANK YOU for that (*^▽^*)

 black and white bows ^_^
They actually came in little bags. but I think the little jars are more comfortable for usage.

This is also an extra. Thank you again!!
I also put all those little rhinestones into a jar, because they also came in a little bag.

various sizes of pearls plus various pearls and rhinestones in different sizes,colors and shapes in the vial with the white lid. Some of them are also extra. Thanks ,thanks, thanks! (*^▽^*)

various colors and sizes of rhinestones

golden rhinestones and rings and a jar containing teal glitter.

 Airi took a very good picture of it. I hope it's ok for me to use it, since my cam isn't good enough to take pictures like this m(_ _)m

varius colored hearts
and I love those very small vials, they're so cute (≧∇≦)/

 Sadly one of those vials didn't survive the journey! T_T

even more various colored hearts ^_^

and again there are three colors added. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! (*^▽^*)

I'm so excited about all those supplies I even don't know where to start! Haha~!
I'm so happy. I try to show you some nail art as soon as possible, I just have to set my mind what I want to use first. ^_^

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Airi hat gesagt…

You are so cute! I'm so happy to hear that it arrived early and surprised you! :D And you are veeeerry very welcome~ ^_^ But I'm sooo so sorry one of them got crushed! I didn't realize the vials would be so fragile! (Or that shipping could be so destructive on packages...) >.<

The jars are definitely a better option! I need to get jars like that for other things...

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