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my very first nail art...

... with 3D elements and

IT SUCKS! *dodom*

I've been so enthusiastic about it that I went overboard. Ignoring the fact that I haven't worked with brushes and dotting pens on my nails before and also ignoring the fact that I never used rhinesstones and all that stuff before (though it turned out to be the easiest part. haha). I just couldn't stop and wanted to try everything at the same time.
Of course this just couldn't end good. Haha~!

So I think the black nails have too many dots and it looks sloppy, but I'm very sure that it'll be better next time and that I'll become better and better at it.

At least that's what I'm desperately wishing for! (*^▽^*)

3 comment(s):

민영 hat gesagt…

vielen dank fürs followen cutie♥
btw süße Nägel *-*

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

Gern geschehen und danke (*^▽^*)

Emi ♥ hat gesagt…

OMG such lovely nail design ^^ Love the bow!!

Thanks for sharing ^^

Love Emi

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