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Essence OMG!-Tour

Hello everyone :D

I'm very sorry for not blogging for a while again. Unfortunately my SD-card broke and all the pictures I had taken and wanted to use for posts were gone D:

But here we go again :)

Two girls from work and me decided to check out the Essence OMG! Tour yesterday. You had the chance to win a lot of nail polishes. All you needed was the right ticket and a good technique to grab as many polishes as possible out of the trunk of a car.

credits for both pictures: Essence

We didn't really expect a lot but we wanted to give it a try and maybe go home with a few more nail polishes. Haha.
So we made the deal that if one of us were lucky, we would share.

Well, what to say?
Luck's been on my side. :D
So I did my best to get as many as I could carry. 
(Unfortunately there are no pictures of it now, but the Essence team took a whole lot, maybe I'll post some later when they're published)

I did pretty good I think! 

All together it must have been over 40 polishes, but I didn't count them before I gave some of them to my colleagues. I had 35 left when I went home. But I already gave a lot of the polishes I had twice to friends so I just kept one of every color.

Besides the polishes I also got a smokey eyes set, two liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner.
I exchanged them for some polishes :)

on to the nail polishes :)
I managed it to grab 20 different colors, so here they are


 NOW I have quite a lot colors plus those I had before (though that aren't too many) in addition to the nail art brushes and dotting pens I showed you last time I can be extremely creative now. Yay!

Excessive nail arts I'm coming! Haha.

I'm even thinking about buying the missing colors, too but as far as I've seen the collection misses some nice green and blue shades. We'll see. :)

until next time :)

5 comment(s):

Anja hat gesagt…

Hast auf jeden Fall guten Einsatz gezeigt :-)

Anja hat gesagt…

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

Haha, super Foto!
Und klar hab ich mir Mühe gegeben, ich musste ja für euch auch gleich noch die Lacke mit rausfischen xD

eleonora hat gesagt…

Omg, da hast du aber zugeschlagen! :D

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

Meine Technik war wohl ganz ok xD Aber ich habe mich auch extra angestrengt, damit für die anderen zwei mädels auch was rausspringt :)

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