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[Quickie] food nom nom

 I just got a whole bunch of asian drinks and some food from my going-to-be father-in-law! (≧∇≦)/
Actually he isn't even really my going-to-be father-in-law since my boy and I aren't even engaged, but they're calling me their "favorite  daughter-in-law" all the time! Haha~
So I just adapted that. (^_^;)

They're just too nice! (^_^)v

PS you might have already noticed it, I'm working on my layout again. I just wasn't happy with the old one, so I hope this one will be better. Haha~ There are still a lot of things left that need to be done, most important: the header... but I haven't had the gloriuos idea by now... need to think, need to think, need to think...

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Airi hat gesagt…

Oh wow, those are really Asian drinks! I'm in the same exact position about my layout too. Sick of my current one but I don't have a vision exactly yet! >.<

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

It's so hard to decide on a good header >.< I'm even lurking around tons of other blogs just to check their headers and see if I like on of them so I can steal the main idea. haha. I'm so uncreative when it comes to headers, it's sad.

Rui hat gesagt…

danke fürs adden <3

blackberryfashion hat gesagt…

I like Asian food :) I'm following you now :)

Look for the Girl with the broken smile. hat gesagt…

Toller Blog! Guck doch mal bei mir vorbei, ich veranstalte gerade ein tolles Gewinnspiel :)

LG Maria

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