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some more orders arrived

Today two more orders arrived at my place :)

At first I ordered a set of dotting pens and a set of nail art design brushes. 

both sets were insanely cheap, so I won't regret buying them to refine my nail art skills, even if they turn out to be trash xD

and I also got another wig that I've ordered. I chose a red one since I'm currently craving the good old days when I had red hair. It's just so nice and ... uhm ... red *sigh*
Unfortunately I can't dye my hair red again, 'cuz of my job and I also don't wanna kill them. :'(

But I got really disappointed. It's a very cheap wig and I knew that the quality wouldn't be a sensation, so that's not the problem.

This is what the wig is supposed to look like. Nice dark red, kinda shiny but that shouldn't be a problem at all.

And that's what I got.

natural daylight

dark copper :/

indoors without flash
indoors with flash
and my very infamous oh-my-god-is-this-f******-shiny-shock-duckface!
 As you can see I'm wearing hardly any make up (just eyebrows and some mascara) so please bear with me!

This is really not what I wanted. My hair never looked like that D:
I don't think it's a totally awful color, it might look good when I'm totally dolled up and have that thing styled (plus done something against this extreme shiny shine :D), but it's not what I wanted and waited for. And been hyped up for as I saw the package.

Well, is there anybody who coincidentally knows a good wig shop with real "red" wigs that aren't just party wigs??
I'd really appreciate your help!

P.S. my cam is such a bitch at the moment, I can't wait to get my hands on my new cellphone (also waiting for it to arrive) so I will be able to post some good quality pics again :)

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