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[been shopping] too much and still haven't received everything...

I've been shopping like a little maniac lately. It's just like summer arrives and all my go-shopping-hormones are bursting *lol*
But in my defence I have to clarify that I've always been looking for special offers and didn't spent as much money as it seems *nods*

So here they come: the results of my shopping trips... so far... *small medium picturespam ahead*

Calu. - natural cosmetics
these are sponsored products I will review soon,
just didn't have the time to check them out proberly - so be prepared :)

found on Ebay

Douglas Box of Beauty
I LOVE IT! Not just the products but also the box itself *_*'
  • Tana Day & Night Lipstick (4,58g)
  • Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener (30ml)
  • Good Skin Labs Xten Ten (7ml)
  • Clarins 'Masque Creme Anti Soif' (15ml)
  • Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose Bodylotion (50ml)
Mustang ballerinas
Shot them very cheap on Ebay :)

another pair of ballerinas
also shot on Ebay and were even cheaper xD

a pink bag x'D
just kidding, it's the cute bag my first wig came in :D

natural sunlight (looking stupid 'cuz I'm squinnying) 

and natural light inside my flat (also looking stupid, maybe 'cuz I am xD)

I think it's really nice, though it's been pretty cheap too (also got it on Ebay)

I'm still wondering if I should use some baby powder on it to make it less shiny, but I think it isn't even that bad... don't know

 a new cat tree (also found on Ebay *lol*)

we needed a new one
we have a new family member :)

 welcome Haku :D
like a boss

I ordered some more things but unfortunately I haven't received them yet, so there will be another shopping post as soon as the items arrive :)

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