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[eng] xmas, new years eve and everything else xD

Well, here it is, finally... the post about the last month xD

I went home for xmas (as I've already told in one of my previous posts)
and it really wasn't as boing as I thought... I went partying every second day for one week... it's been a lot of fun ad I met a lot of old friends.

I didn't really get something special, because I just wished for money
but my mum gave me a really sweet present.. it's a guardian angel set. There's a pen with a little angel on it, a key chain and a little note. written on the note is:
he guards you day and night
and hugs your heart very tight

(ha I even made it rhyme in english, too xD)

and I've got tons of sweets >.< I guess most of it will lie around 'till next year *laughs*


new years eve I've been really down to earth and tired from all the partying xD
I had three invitations for parties but I didn't really feel like having a huge party
So I stayed at (my) home and had a very relaxing and funny party with my roommates
we also myde some really funny vids, but I guess most of them are way too embarrasing to show them around xDD

the new year started with the soundtrack of pirates of the caribean... ^^v
which fitted the whole scene out at the street... it looked like war *laughs* I've never seen so much dust from fireworks xDD

(An alle aus der Digi-WG die das lesen sollten: Ich wusste nicht, dass Nagi euch gesagt hat, dass ich kommen werde, das hat er mir erst nach Silvester erzählt oO Er hatte mich - ich glaub - im Oktober mal wegen der Party gefragt und ich meinte nur dass das nicht schlecht klingt, hab aber nicht gesagt, dass ich hingehen werde. Ich entscheide sowas immer aus dem Bauchgefühl relativ kurz vor silvester. Wenn ich gewusst hätte dass ich so fest eingeplant bin, hätte ich auf jeden fall früher mal was von mir hören lassen, dass ich nicht komme bzw. mich spätestens an dem abend gemeldet. Es tut mir wirklich leid, dass das so blöd gelaufen ist >.<)


last weeks

well, to be honest there's nothing much to tell...
I've been hanging around, not knowing what to do with myself... I'm still trying to get my naruto game completely finished. (I'm through with the storyline but there's a lot of stuff left to do afterwards) and that's really "hard" and time taking, since there's so much to do for just one mission... but I just can't give up in middle >.< curse my perfectionism

two weeks ago a friend (I met again in my hometown) came over to Leipzig to get some Visu-style clothes xD I got him pretty much infected with japanese music some years ago
Well, since he wanted to wear them in "real" life I decided some punkish style (punk mixed with the japanese young men streetstyle) would be best.
so we went and checked the stores for clothes like this:

and that's the result:

T-Shirt: New Yorker €12
jeans: New Yorker €30
shoes: Deichman €20 (not seen here unfortunately)
belts: New Yorker, dice (I love this one): €12; whiteish: €10
hat: New Yorker €10
rings: Brigitte Bijou €5 each (also not seen >.<)
chains: Brigitte Bijou, dog tag: €10; cross: €5 (you can't see it here)
scarf: already had it xD

the jeans are not torn here, we have to do it ourselves, since we couldn't find torn jeans in the shops. He also bought some new we-try-to-look-like-Vans-shoes, a skull jacket (because he loved it xD) and another T-shirt
we've also been desperately looking for a cardigan like the one wataru is wearing but hell, we didn't even find some in the women area >.<

and here we are... in the cooking section!! xD~~~
some weeks ago I made my-style-tomato-sauce *nods* I just put everything in it I thought would taste good and didn't use "prepared" sauces or something... and not to flatter myself but it's been delicious *___* I've been surprised myself xDDD

and today's the great day xD I'm going to the gilgämesh concert in bochum... yay...
but before that we're going to Düsseldorf to get some new good curry *___* and milktea *________*... I wish they also had nigiri... I'd so love to eat it again ;_____;
we'll also take some puris (hopefully they get better than last time, since we haven't been aware that the automat in Düsseldorf is way faster than the ones in japan... last time we had just one good picture, since all the others have been taken while we were still moving xDDD)


music news: check out ROACH... I already found out about them last year but I just got some more music of them later.
They've been touring with Mucc and I like their music a lot... ta-ma has an extraordinary voice, though you have to get used to his way of singing...
(und er erinnert mich an Josi im Scarlet video xD.... ich weiß nicht genau was es ist... vllt die Art und die warmherzigkeit die in dem video rüberkommt, frag mich nicht xD)

if you want to check them out I could upload some stuff of them (since it isn't much), you just have to give me a sign xD

ja na~

 (we look like a couple here but we're not xD)

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horiryu hat gesagt…

2008-01-26 10:15 pm UTC (Link)

hey, your looking great, like you always do ;). ok, i break my rules for writing not in japanese, but i couldn't express that at the moment in japanese. well, i see you did al lot of nice things. i also had a great time during the last few weeks, but i hope i can tell you all that if we can talk about it online next time^^. so let me know...
i hope you will get in touch with me ;) so far...

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