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[eng] Gilgämesh concert and stuff ^^

Well, well

last weekend I've been at the gilgämesh concert in Bochum...
it rocked, but I didn't expect something else ^^v

before the concert we've been in Düsseldorf, because we wanted to buy some stuff, we've been longing for so long xDD

we've bought a hell lot of food xDDD
curry 4ever!! ^^b

(Naruto-nerdiness comment: the green beast Lee curry is funny, isn't it? maybe it's Lees lifesaving curry xDDDD~ but it could also be the red one, since it's 4times spicier than the green one oO)

except of curry we've bought two bottles of milktea (teh love *____*), some asahi beer, lime flavored sake, miso soup, teriyaki sauce and a vitamine c energy drink xD

we also went to take some puris... but there've been some stupid girls who weren't able to click the "finished" botton and so we couldn't edit our pix ;_________; 

maybe I'll edit them later with Photoshop... but I don't know yet xD

well, while we've been running around shopping we found a place where they've been selling takoyaki *___* and since we've never eaten it before we had no other choice than getting us some xDD

it's really been delicious *____* I want to eat it again... now ^^;


after our shopping trip we drove to bochum because Gilgämesh had a signing session and I just didn't want to waste this chance ^^

we've been really lucky, we've been the last three people they let in there *phew*
So I got my chance to see them really close
I've been the last one who got their signings hoho xD
Satoshi looked at me kinda strange... I don't know what had shocked him xD he stared at me for a while and then signed my timer xD
maybe he was shocked cuz I've been kinda outstanding there... there've been the normal fans who look like grey mice, the "freaks" all dressed in Visu-style clothes and the girls who've been dressing like the extreme japanese girls with all styled up long hair and stuff... and I've been kinda the elegant normal style *lol*
Nii smiled at me saying "Hi" and then gave me his signature and a "rock on!!" beneath it as a bonus xDD
then he shook my hand (like he had done it probably with everyone, since he did it also before)
and Ryo's been really cute xD
he smiled at me all over the face, took my little book without even looking at it, cuz he's been still looking at me *laughs* wrote his little thing there and gave it back, extremely politely, smiling at me again like an idiot and also giving me his hand (which he hasn't done before... at least as far as I saw it) and a "thank you" xDDD
I really wonder why they've been kinda weird... I mean I am not that ugly nor do I look that different...
but, in the end it doesn't matter... I got their attention, I don't care what they've thought of me... maybe I had messed up hair or something? I don't know *laughs*

it's been kinda boring to wait for the concert to start so we "partied" at the parking lot xDD
I've took some stupid pix of myself xD I've uploaded some of them on my deviant art account so check them out if you want to ^^ my devart

well, yeah I don't have anything interesting to tell about the concert itself since it rocked like every time. ^^

after the concert we went to Shinkn. acctually we wanted to party but we've been so tired that we fell right into our beds there xD
but the next day we went to eat something so we did at least something little together *drop*
tai, shin and everybody it's been cool to see you again *hugs*

ja na~ ^^

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jyakukou hat gesagt…

2008-02-01 12:22 am UTC (Link)

oh.. all seems so delicious *envy*
neee... girugamesh concert ^^
so good

horiryu hat gesagt…

2008-02-04 03:41 am UTC (Link)




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