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We got married! the korean tv show that's giving me a blast for two days now.

You already should know that I'm very fascinated by asian cultures itself and that I really enjoy the way a lot of asian people interact. It's just the pureness and kind of simpleheartedness that I really like.

I think it's funny that most asian cultures try to hide their true feelings in public, but on the other hand express their true feelings a lot more openly than most western people do, when they're in private.

It's so refreshing to see people express their thoughts without any hesitation. A lot of them just say what comes to their mind without thinking about what could be too straight forward. Maybe it's not just an asian thing but I've hardly seen european or to be exact german people interact like that. And it also might be something new in asian countries as well. 

It's just something I really like and all the girls on this show seem to be so innocent while being straight forward, it just kind of blows my mind.

credits here

Well, my favorite couple is "Sunhee". Both of them are just hilarious and in some ways they just remind me of myself (and the thoughts I didn't dare to express that much, because I didn't want to be too silly (#^.^#) ) but also of my boy (though he really isn't as weird as Kwanghee *lol*)

Both of them are just making me smile and literally "laugh out loud" a lot while watching them.

If you're interested in watching their parts in the show feel free to click here!
(but I have to admit, if you don't know anything about the korean culture this might be REALLY weird and... yeah... kind of disturbing (/。\)イヤン!ハズカシイ  but if you're openminded and don't tend to judge too easily, give it a try (^_^) )

I know I promised to post more often some weeks ago, but I'm really stressed out for a few weeks already. I had/have a lot of trouble and am working to get my drivers license. A lot of people put obstacles in my way but I won't give up my dreams that easily. All of this just results in not having time for blogging and even having weird dry skin issues on my elbows and ring fingers. I really kind of freaked out the time I noticed those spots in the first place, because I thought I might have psoriasis or, even worse, neurodermatitis!!
 (; ̄ロ ̄) But it turned out that this is all because of the stress. Lucky!!

Please bear with me I will be back to blogging more regularly again once I got all those things out of my way!

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