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[eng] again a post about the last weeks, cuz I'm just too stupid to post something right away *laughs*

Well, I don't wanna bore you with a lot of text since I noticed most of you (myself included) don't like to read a hell lot xD
And I know myself, if I once get started I can't stop myself anymore *rofl*

I'll just post a few pix and hope that's at least a little bit interesting xD~

Cuz I've been kinda stressed out, I relaxed with my friends at the weekends.
Since I'm now a very good friend of Pat he's been hanging around at m place a lot. And also Ana and Chris have visited me a few times ^__^

 Eva and me @ KissKissBangBang theme has been "zombie/raw meat"
 Phil and me @ Ponyclub one day later
Angel & me @ Kais place. We've visited him one week before he came to Leipzig because of the VK One
 Kai and me... having fun xD
Ana and Shiv-ah styled up for VK OnE ^___^
Shiv-ah is wearing the Kimono I sewed for Le bookfair ^^

Unfortunately I don't have any pic of myself at the party, or a pic of all of us three (the team) together ;___;

and also sorry for the different quality of the pix. I had to look for them at myspace etc. cuz I'm at Kais place at the moment and my pix are - of course - on my PC at home. But I just wanted to write this post now, cuz I know myself and I'm sure I wouldn't think about it anymore at home >.<

hope you guys are alright =^w^=v

P.S.: we really ain't as ugly as we look on some of the pix xP~

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jyakukou hat gesagt…

2008-09-11 05:00 pm UTC (Link)

XDD That happens to me a lot, sometimes I am feeling so lazy to read loads and loads of words @@ but that is only sometimes.. mostly when I am with exams, I promise I usually read then, LOL.

Uaa!! All of you look so good in the pics! also you are so cute!

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

2008-09-11 07:34 pm UTC (Link)

thank you so much <3 but most of the pix really aren't good ones... maybe I'll post some better ones later, when I'm back at home ^_^"

you don't have to promise that you read them *hugs* but it really is ute that you do <3

and it's the same with me... sometimes I'm just too lazy or stressed out to read everything xD

jyakukou hat gesagt…

2008-09-11 07:35 pm UTC (Link)

is true XD
Mostly of times that type of pics are the best, at least they are funny.

*huggs back* <3

XDD yeah, is just that sometimes is stressing see all those words.. is like '@@ omg' and more when english is not your first language XD

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

2008-09-11 07:48 pm UTC (Link)

hehe you're right xD

I know what you mean, since english also isn't my mother tongue... ^__^"

aldasagg hat gesagt…

2008-09-12 05:53 pm UTC (Link)

der kai... xddd das bild is geil. XD

VK OnE war echt fett! ich hoff ma, beim nächstn mal wirds wieder so gut und vielleicht noch etwas besser.*g*

pat...ich bin bin schon ma gespannt was er aus meinen haarn machn will...xDD

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