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[eng] birthday (party) post

I want to thank EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday! *atomhugs*
but I especially want to thank nyappy_usagi, mesmerisz and self_addicted, because I've never got birthday congratualtions from ppl I just know over lj before ^___^

I've had a really nice birthday <3
it started with my fellow occupants coming into my room to be the first to congratulate ^^
Nami and Ney gave me a massage bug *laughs* you just click on its eyes and it will start vibrating hoho x3

They said that's not everything but they want to give me the rest on saturday during the party *__*
And Mario said he'd like to cook on saturday cuz he can't afford buying something (he cooked chilli con carne *__* yummy)

we celebrated a little bit with a bottle of Sambuca...
but the day wasn't over and I never thought it would be that awesome.

about 5 or 6pm (after finally getting some sleep xD) a woman with a bunch of flowers stood in front of our door and I was like "what the fuck? Who's that person? oO"
I really was irritated cuz I couldn't remember knowing her...
But then she said here are some flowers I need a signature... and I understood what's going on xD I never got flowers that way xD they were from my parents, my sis and the cat *laughs*

then about 7:00pm Nagi came over. I've still been in my styling progress cuz he had told me he wanted to take me to a restaurant.
but he also had an amazing present for me before that.
Vidoll's new album Bastard limited edition and a poster *____________________*

I've really been kinda freaked out that time already and knew the rest of the evening would be great. Cuz there was still the restaurant and I was quite sure he'd take me to our little japanese restaurant.
But I've been proofed extremely wrong!
Well, it HAS been a japanese restaurant but it wasn't the nice one about 10min away from my home but the most expensive one in our town located in a high class hotel oO *______________* *faint*

we had our own cook and the food was too delicious to describe... I really felt like I'm back in japan.
All that japanese talking around me... I'm so missing it...
And I would so have loved to have Josi, Nicol and Keri around me to party with *sighs* (I really miss you gals)

enough of the sentimental talking xD

Now on to the "real" birthday party ^^
Friday Chris in the middle [our nickname for him xD cuz we just know too many people called chris] arrived in Leipzig and we shared a nice evening together
He also gave me some really cute presents. A Naruto poster and a little towel.

then saturday came... it wasn't a "big" party cuz a lot of my friends couldn't come but it's been a very nice evening nevertheless.
it started with everyone giving me their birthday presents...
I love every single one of them... all of my presents are just amazing and I want to thank everyone again for them. YOU ROCK!

first of all Nami gave me a present in the name of Ney, Mi-chi, Clipsy and herself
The Naruto Chronicles game!
the funny thing is I really wanted to have this and my mum asked me if there is something little they can buy for christmas, since she doesn't just want to give me money (I said I just want to have money so that I can use it for Japan ^^) and I'm so glad I said I will think about it instead of telling her she could buy this game *phew*
and my friends didn't know I wanted to have this *___* (at least as far as I know xD)

then Nami told me there's still something little left, but I shouldn't laugh and she gave me this awesomely cute drawing <3 <3 <3

it says on the top: Though Sasuke's shy, he (and of course all of us xD~) wishes you the best to your birthday *huggelz*
and in the heart Sasukes is holding is written: for my hot girl Hi-za

x3~~ so cute

Mi-chi and Clipsy also had a special present for me left x3
a calendar with "sexy" posing half naked men
Now most of you probably think: ewww... ugly men xD
but you're WRONG!

They made it special, because they glued J-Rocker faces over the orininal ones XD

Now you're jealous, be honest!! xD
Mi-chi and Clipsy did something similar for Aya's birthday (one week before mine) and I liked it so much that I wanted to have one too ^^
It's just so hilarious and cute... my stomach hurt so much from laughing x'D

after getting all of my precious presents, dinner's been served... Chilli con carne
and after that we started playing some drinking games to make it funnier xD
we had spin the bottle and later we played something like truth or dare... we kinda mixed up different games *lol* cuz ther was no truth and the dare-part was drinking xD some of you might know the game Vidoll are playing in the karaoke bar on the black fairy DVD?
well, for everyone else I'll try to describe it...
you have several sticks. there are numbers written on it... actually it almost like truth or dare... cuz someone's the leader (king or queen). he has the power ver the game xD well, the leader (in our case it has been Ney, cuz she didn't want to drink that much) has the sticks and everone has to choose one. In the real game the leader says a number and the person who has the number on his/her stick has to say another number. then ask a question or say something the other number has to do. But since we just wanted to drink we made it a lot easier xD
we had the sticks with the numbers on it and Ney as the Queen. Ney had the sticks and everyone had to choose one, but here's the difference. Ney didn't say a number. We had dice to do this (cuz we've luckily been exactly 6 persons playing the game) so the number the dice shew us had the luck to get a sip of the bottle xD

well, about in the middle of the game we said the one who gets the last sip of the last bottle (we had two, some cream liqueur and Sambuca) has to go to the gas station and buy some new one xD
Nagi's been the last one so he and Mario left to get some new booze.

During this time we decided to play guitar hero on PS2... when both of them came back with a bottle of sour apple (Saurer Apfel) (it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds in english xD) and a bottle of sangria, nagi said we could use his new beamer he brought with him. So we did and we played guitar hero on a 2x2m screen xD
later we also battled a little bit Naruto Ultmiate ninja...
that's been real fun...
beamer's are the love *___*

and I don't have any clue about what time we went to bed xD

Mi-chi and Clipsy, so~ cute... *hugglz*

the tall Chris an myself xD

Mario obviously didn't like the gal-calendar in the back xDDDD
looks like my party hasn't been a burner at all xD~
The tall Chris and Mario xD

well, in conclusion:
This birthday has been the best for ages and I love all the presents I got.
"Thank you very much" to all of my friends (and also my "online friends" who I unfortanetely couldn't meet in real life till now)
I love you! Without you I would be nothing!

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aldasagg hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 12:09 am UTC (Link)

it's nice that you like my presents and you enjoyed the japanese eating.^^*drück*:33

hey...and nobody told me, that i have to go the gas station and buy new stuff, if i get the last sip. XDDD
yeah, party was cool! :D
beamer!!!! *_*

slowmon hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 12:29 am UTC (Link)

Beamer??? *__*;; Krösus?

der Kalender is mal sooooooooooooo ne geniale Idee XD die Typen zwar weder vom Körper noch vom Gesicht meins (großteils), aber definitiv SO einen Lacher wert

und fein dass du nen tollen Geburtstag hattest ^^

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 12:58 am UTC (Link)

*lol* ja... um die Körper ging es ja auch nicht wirklich, die sind nur da damit die Bilder so schön blöd aussehn xD
nja und die meisten von den gesichtern sind von leuten die ich mag... ob nun weilse schön sind oder einfach nur vom "chara" ^^

aldasagg hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 01:28 am UTC (Link)

warum? bei ebay gibs die teile schön für billig geld XDDD

hakanai_yume hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 09:57 am UTC (Link)

;_______; I missed it
sorry sorry
and happy birthday nachträglich
aaaah ich dumme kuh habs doch letztens erst noch irgendwo gelesen
vergiiiib mir ;o;

und der kalender ist zuuuuu geil
ruki..omg >__<;;

Leah Elaine hat gesagt…

2007-12-05 12:42 pm UTC (Link)

aww *knuddl* is nicht so schlimm, ich vergess auch gern geburtstage >.<

ja, der kalender ist endsgenial xD~ deswegen wollte ich sowas auch unbedingt haben... ich hatte echt bauchschmerzen vom Lachen als ich ihn das erste mal angeschaut hab xD

nyappy_usagi hat gesagt…

2007-12-06 09:11 pm UTC (Link)

Also am meisten musste ich über den Kalender lachen, Japaner mit solchen Körpern sieht echt...interessant aus^^ schön das du einen tollen Geburtstag hattest und die Geschenke sind auch cool! Bastard hab ich auch, ich finde es ist hat ein sehr schönes Design, aber ich konnte das Poster noch nicht aufhängen weil ich dafür ein anderes Vidoll Poster abnehmen muss, meine Wände sind alle voll ;) Ich hoffe dein nächster Geburtstag wird mindestens genau so gut ^____________^

Anonym hat gesagt…

2007-12-06 11:51 pm UTC (Link)

Yeahh, echt nice pics, zum Glück bin ich nirgends drauf \(^_^)/...
Aber war echt ein geniales Wochenende, möcht mich auch hier nochmal bedanken. Hoffe wir sehn uns bald mal wieder und freut mich dass dir meine Geschenke gefallen. *hug*

Grüße Ryuu (Chris in the middle)*rofl*

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