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[eng] Kagerou last live

Kagerou's last live really rocked (even without knowing the songs they played oO)
I guess I should have listen to their album but I kinda forgot about it.
Well, nevertheless the were amazing.
Though it was really obvious that Daiskue has problems. they made a lot of little breaks and he didn't jump around like he used to do.

Yuana and Daisuke cried at the end of the concert and I have to say I really have been touched how the fans said goodbye to them... standing ovations and stuff... I guess it was touching the guys a lot.. since it also touched me XD
during the break before the encore a lot of fans threw roses on the stage to show how much they (we) will miss them.
Accutally I'm not into fan stuff like screaming names or throwing stuff at the stage but I really liked the idea. It's just not that childish...

Daisuke even took one of the roses into his mouth standing there like casanova in person XD

I guess I still haven't realized I won't see them again...

demo, kagerou omakenaide. Ganbatte!

Maybe Daisuke will overcome his problems and will come back. I hope it. Not just for me, but also for him.


Well I just noticed I still haven't uploaded the pix of the second Vidoll Photoshooting >.<

Ok here you go XD~

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