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[eng] attention again some more pix XD



I'm so tired >.<
and I don't even have something very interesting to tell XD
BUT... I don't care XDD

Well, this month my money is flowing away like water -.-
everything seems to want to be paid or thinks it would be a good idea to be broken ;___;

two days ago my MP3-player broke down Oo a software-error... I can't even start the stupid thing and if it looks like it would work again it just stops in the middle of "welcome" and hangs >.< stupid thing

Well I bought a new one today, since I'm really addicted the last weeks... I NEED it XDDD I need good music to be happy...
again 80Euro gone... but it's better than the old one. wonderful 1Gb ^^°

haha lexi called right now. We GOT Mutabor concert-tickets... the last concert of them ever and it is in my hometown... what an honor ...wohoooo XDDDDD

well, back to the theme...
then I also had to buy an new mouse, because the old one was slowly dieing XD and a new keyboard, because my old one didn't survive Zuis Wodka-attack XD
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so some people know that I got a new cellphone, but I've never shown it around that's why I'm doing it here XDDDD there you go
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddd XDDD
I bought an extern harddisk, because my intern harddisk has been filled up... muhahahaha
this will make my boring days at home easier XDDD and it has been cheap ^^°
100euro for 250Gb that's fine with me XD

Well, let's go on XD
lately I've been some kind of creative... I've drawn the MuCc sign on a T-shirt and a picture on a pullover...
Here's what came out ^^°
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
well, the face looks kind of weird on this pic it looks better in real XD

sop... the last thing and then you're free again XDDD
I've bought a wig for my next cosplay which will need to wait till Connichi XD
but it has been cheap and I thought it would be better to buy it now than getting just some ugly wig later ^^
the important thing was that it has no fringe and is kind of long... of course I have to cut it
it looks so stupid on me...

well, that's it... I'm done XD
I know you're relieved now XDDD

2 comment(s):

ichi_goo hat gesagt…

2006-04-27 08:51 pm UTC (Link)

oh gawd, du hast dir diesen monat echt einiges geleistet %D
ich wusst garni, dass du ein neues handy hast *-*!!

ahaaa xD ich mein, ich hab dich ja au mit blonden haaren kennengelernt ^.~

aldasagg hat gesagt…

2006-04-27 09:15 pm UTC (Link)

neuer mp3 player...war wie bei meinem...der ging auch nur noch an un dann war schluß, aus ginger auch nur noch durch batterie raus.-_- seitdem habsch mir keinen neuen geholt...xd

alles in allem, wars ein teurer monat.u_u

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